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Lecture: «La forma sonata»

Preparation Course for Exam Public Service (2020-2021) Music and Performing-Arts Corps «La forma sonata» Mode: Lecture Lecturer: Juan Eiras Organizer: Dos Acordes, S.L. Length: 1,5 hours Season:  2021, January Site: Academia Virtual Dos Acordes

CATALOG: «Elas» (2020)

ELAS (2020) – Catalog 2020, December 28 Elas (2020) is a work for multi-percussion and tape based on the Galician oral tradition. It is commissioned by percussionist Sandra Pérez Míguez, who will premiere the work in 2021.

Public Examination Preparation Course 2020/21. Composition

Beginning of the Public Examination Preparation Course 2020/21 at the Dos Acordes Academia Virtual. Specialties: Basics of Composition, Music and Performing-Arts Corps Composition, Music and Performing-Arts Professor Corps Analytical Skills, Music and Performing-Arts Corps (all specialties) Lecturer: Juan Eiras…

Vigo’s International Piano Competition moves into the virtual world

The broadcast will be via streaming using social networks as platforms and the jury will be composed by professionals Martha Argerich (Argentina), Nelson Freire (Brazil), Tamás Vásáry (Hungary), Pablo Galdo (Spain) and Sergio Tiempo (Venezuela). The resident composer of this contest is the Galician Juan Eiras who composed for the occasion A nosa Carmela.

Dos Acordes: Composition Syllabus, vol. II

It’s been published the “Foundamentals of Composition Syllabus, vol. I”, by Dos Acordes publishing house, that belongs to the Music an Performing Arts Department. (According to Order ECD / 1753/2015, of August 25, which approves the agendas that have been…

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