Lecture: «La forma sonata»

Preparation Course for Exam Public Service (2020-2021) Music and Performing-Arts Corps «La forma sonata» Mode: Lecture Lecturer: Juan Eiras Organizer: Dos Acordes, S.L. Length: 1,5 hours Season:  2021, January Site: Academia Virtual Dos Acordes

CATALOG: «Elas» (2020)

ELAS (2020) – Catalog 2020, December 28 Elas (2020) is a work for multi-percussion and tape based on the Galician oral tradition. It is commissioned by percussionist Sandra Pérez Míguez, who will premiere the work in 2021.

Public Examination Preparation Course 2020/21. Composition

Beginning of the Public Examination Preparation Course 2020/21 at the Dos Acordes Academia Virtual. Specialties: Basics of Composition, Music and Performing-Arts Corps Composition, Music and Performing-Arts Professor Corps Analytical Skills, Music and Performing-Arts Corps (all specialties) Lecturer: Juan Eiras https://www.dosacordes.es/web/juan-eiras-preparador-de-oposiciones-conservatorio-en-dos-acordes/Beginning…

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